3D Logo Animation

3D Logo Animation

3D Logo Animation with Cinema 4D and After Effects

Our own After Effects and 3D animation specialist, Paul Pollard II, recently created a 3D logo animation for Pollard Media Productions using Cinema 4D Animation and Adobe After Effects.

He utilized the power of 3D tools in Cinema 4D, and the post-rendering tools of Adobe After Effects to create an awesome 3D motion graphic.

Advanced software capabilities of Maxon’s Cinema 4D allows users to create 3D scenes. Cinema 4D offers tools to sculpt the exact model in mind, whether it is a camera, a car, or something as simple as 3D text. These can then be manipulated and animated along a timeline. This delivers cinematography unable to be duplicated in a real life studio. Intangible and abstract ideas and concepts become real and convey visual emotion only the imagination could contain.

The fully rendered scene can then be translated into After Effects. Here several additional aesthetics may be applied. After Effects offers the final step in adding the polished look to a rendered scene.


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