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Google Adwords

While SEO provides organic results over time, many clients want immediate page one presence on a Google search.  Google Adwords is an online application that Google provides to create ads for your business that can be placed on page one for your specified keywords.  The application is somewhat complex and requires some training and experience to use.  Pollard Media Production has several years experience using Google Adwords and has sucessfully provided service to several clients.

Google Adwords process:

  • Identify Keywords for Products and/or Services

  • Research CPC or Cost Per Click for Keywords

  • Build a Budget Based on CPC

  • Create an Adwords Campaign

  • Manage Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords

Benefits of Adwords

While businesses still use traditional media such as television and radio for advertising, the Internet is increasingly becoming a primary means for growing your business.  As such, Google Adwords is the smart choice to create ads which appear in Google search results.

  • Google Adwords is very affordable.
  • Cost is based on the demand/value of your keywords.
  • You set your own budget per day.
  • You determine your targeted locations whether it be nationwide, locally or specific cities or regions.
  • Depending on ad rotation and your bids, your ad will be placed on page one in a search results.
  • While the user may see your ad (called an impression), you will only be charged if the user clicks on your ad.  (CPC – cost per click)

Contact Pollard Media Productions at your earliest convenience so we can help you set up a Google Adwords campaign to help grow your business!

For more information, visit Google’s information center.

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