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Livestreaming TPC Meetings

A recent Texas state-mandated law required state organizations, including the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC), to livestream video of their public meetings over the Internet. Pollard Media Productions, LLC was the successful bidder in providing Houston livestreaming production services to this Houston public service organization.

At the first broadcast session on Friday, September 25, Pollard Media Productions set up multiple cameras to capture the round table discussion for this Houston livestreaming production. The video feed was sent to a Roland VR-50 HD multi-format AV mixer and then fed out to the Internet via Livestream’s Content Delivery Network. The broadcast went smoothly and the viewing audience was able to see and hear clearly the livestream on several different devices including desktop computers and smart phones.

The production was recorded and uploaded for archival viewing at H-GAC’s YouTube Channel.

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