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Pollard Media Productions offers a full line of local professional Houston video production services! Whatever your video production project is, we start with creative concept, script writing, production scheduling, shooting, editing and finishing to digital delivery.  Our experienced videographers work with clients every step of the way to ensure quality, integrity and customer satisfaction of our video production services.

Pollard Media Production uses professional video production equipment in the acquisition of footage and Adobe software in post-production for the highest quality finished product.  Our Houston video production services are affordable and competitively priced!

Our Houston Video Production Services

  • Quinceanos
  • Special Events
  • Conferences
  • Feature Films

Our 3-Stage Video Production Process

  • First, in Pre-Production, the video productions process starts with a concept. Everything falls around the concept – the script, the talent, the production crew, production equipment (cameras, microphones, accessories), the location, the schedule, the shot list, wardrobe, set design, lighting, sound, travel and accommodations (if required) and the budget.
  • The Production stage is the “action” stage. On location or on the set, whether it by a studio or in the outdoors – scenes are staged – then the Director shouts “Action!” and the cameras roll! This acquisition or shooting of raw footage is critical to the success of the completed video.
  • The Post-Production stage is the finishing stage. The raw footage is digitized, reviewed and logged. Next, the editing process pieces together the video based on the script. In this stage, sound tracks, narration, special effects, animations and color correction are done. Finally, the approved video is mastered for output to DVD, Blu-ray and/or Internet streaming.