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Houston Web Design & Development

Houston web design is available to everyone! Like cell phones, web sites are personal, but even more so, web sites generate income and provide essential information. Our Houston web design team can build a basic website for an individual and a complex e-Commerce, data driven website for a business and/or corporation! Pollard Media Productions has several years experience in Houston and other areas in Texas designing and developing websites from the ground up. While building websites using HTML applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver was the industry standard for many years, high-end content management systems (CMS) is quickly becoming the preferred solution.

This emerging trend which totally benefits the client is a result of several factors including primarily a greater demand for websites, improved web technology, more developers entering the web design market and networked portals where designers and developers can share their work.

No doubt there is still an advantage for web designers to work within their local markets because clients will always want the personal touch – that is, face to face interaction during the web development process. And we certainly provide the personal touch to Houston web design clients!

Currently, WordPress, a content management system, is our preferred solution for Houston web design and development. Across the board, WordPress has become the most prolific solution for web development on the World Wide Web.


Our Client Process

Here is our process for Houston web design and development for clients:

  • We meet with our clients to talk about the purpose and goal of the website.
  • We discuss aesthetic elements: color, layout and style.
  • We talk about integrating photos, videos, and other interactive elements.
  • We talk about content – body copy.
  • While all elements are essential for search engine optimization, body copy is perhaps the number one element.
  • Body copy needs to be well-written and it must utilize essential keywords.
  • We collaborate with the client to ensure that every step of the way, the website reflects what the client wants.
Houston Web Design & Development