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Today a marketing video pretty much suggests a video to publish online on social media.  So there are several issues to consider when producing a marketing video which can have negative and positive spins.

  • Your target audience has a short attention span.
  • Your target audience is constantly being bombarded with marketing videos.
  • Your target audience is very smart and very choosy as to what to want to watch online.
  • Your target audience spends a lot of time online.
  • Your target audience has decision-making online tools to your services and products.
  • Your target audience has seen it all.
  • Your target audience wants honesty, creativity, simplicity, access, ingenuity and value.

Pollard Media Productions works with our clients to produce a marketing video that can embody those factors and have an irresistible appeal to your target audience using state of the art audio and visual tools.

For your marketing video, we provide conceptualizing, script writing and story boarding for approval before the shooting starts. Our production team is professional and experienced – we collaborate with you to ensure that we include a narrative and video that captures your brand and the message that you want your clients and/or your customers to get to know.

During production, we ensure that we capture the best quality footage and we do several takes so we have greater options in post-production.  Our post-production pays close attention to detail in color, sound, special effects, video quality, aesthetics and creative process for the best finished product.

Pollard Media Production uses professional video production equipment in the acquisition of footage and Adobe software in post-production for the highest quality finished product.  Our corporate video production Houston services are affordable and competitively priced!

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