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Pollard Media Productions has been providing professional Houston photography for over 10 years. We have done a lot of sports photography at schools, professional soccer at the Reliant Stadium, corporate photography, real estate photography, wedding photography, and Quinceaneras.

In addition to providing our own photography services, we recognize that clients have varied tastes and like to have choices when it comes to photography.  As such, Pollard Media Productions works with various wedding photography services around Houston to provide the client the best possible solution.

We live in an era of digital photography benefits both the photographer and the client – film photography has gone the way of vinyl records. The photographer can easily take hundreds of photos and is not limited to environmental conditions. The digital photos can be post-processed in professional image applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to enhance color, mood and creative detail. The client gets to review the photos almost immediately on a flash drive, on the Internet and even on a cell phone.

Pollard Media Productions utilizes professional Canon digital cameras for superb photo results. Our creativity and experience is icing on the cake!